Outdoor and Indoor Play Spaces and Activities - Meeting your pet/s Behavioural and Physical Needs




We fully endorse the advice of the Rabbit Welfare Association and agree that it is vital for your rabbits and guinea pigs to spend time out of the hutch. Your pets will have ample opportunities to play in our enclosed and shady garden in secure pens. Our pens are interchangeable and can be put together for larger breeds or groups of rabbits. The pens have covers to protect them from sudden downpours and there are sturdy wooden shelters that our guinea pig guests love to hide in.

During busy times we rotate outdoor play so each occupant/pair/group of each hutch gets a minimum of four hours exercise - even more than that during quieter periods. All pets are closely monitored during outdoor play ensuring their safety at all times. Like the hutches, all pens are positioned so the pets can see each other but they share a pen only with their partner or group.

When the weather is bad, pets can take it in turns to exercise on the floors of the sheds playing with tunnels, boxes and rabbit agility equipment. Indoor play is fully supervised at all times. Each pet is given toys and boredom breakers for inside and outside of their accommodation that will keep them entertained, providing mental stimulation and also encouraging natural behaviours like gnawing and foraging.

We encourage exercise for our tiniest guests too and provide activities such as exercise balls, climbing toys, wheels, paper, cardboard tubes and wooden toys.

If your pet has a particular toy, blanket or item that that they are particularly attached to then please feel free to bring it along.

Pets are put away in their hutches each night. To ensure all are safe, no pets are left outside. 

Keeping the Temperature Right

Both sheds have double doors which we like to open during the Summer months. On those very rare hot days, we tend to keep pets indoors during the hours where the sun is at its hottest with extra monitoring, cool pads, plenty of fresh water and cooling fresh vegetables such as cucumber. We also have large fans available for the sheds and inside the house for use on hotter days.

During the Winter, we have the convection heaters on intermittently both during the day and on a timer at night to keep the sheds at a warm but comfortable level. Each guest has his or her own heatpad that provides up to ten hours of heat for extra warmth on the coldest nights. They are heated up for them in the morning and again in the evening during the coldest months.