We ask all new customers to read, sign and return this form before their pet/s stay. This can be done electronically or signed by hand.


We accept cash and bank transfer (BACS). All cash payments can be made in full on arrival or departure day. BACS payments must be completed up to 24 hours before arrival. We offer flexible payment options e.g. half payment before arrival and half on day of departure.  

Our pricing structure is charged on a per night basis. Our pricing structure will have been explained to you at the time of booking and is available on our website.

We do not ask for a deposit when booking so all bookings are made in good faith. However, this does mean a hutch has been reserved so please inform us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel or change your booking.

Cancellations made 72 hours or less before arrival will be liable for 50% of the booking. 

If you collect your pet/s earlier than the departure day stated on your information form, you are still liable for the full amount of your pet/s stay.


Arrival and collection times must be made by appointment on any day from Monday to Sunday.

If you are unable to make the time agreed please keep us informed as another appointment may need to be made for you.

Hoppy Holidays reserves the right to refuse to accept any pet if we feel they are showing signs of illness, injury or pregnancy that have not been previously discussed prior to your arrival date. This is for the benefit of your pet and other pets we have boarding with us.

We ask that all rabbit owners bring vaccination cards before or on the arrival date to show that your rabbit/s has been vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Hemorrhagic Disease strains 1 &2. Unfortunately, we cannot board any rabbit that is not up to date with its vaccinations. This is for the benefit of your pet and any other pets we have boarding with us. 

If you wish to leave your pet/s carry box/es, we have lockable outdoor storage available. Each will be clearly labelled with your pet/s name only and stored for the duration of your pet/s stay. It will not be used to transport any other pet.

Clients leave any items at their own risk.

If you do not collect your pet on the arranged date without prior arrangement then you will be charged for any extra nights at £15.00 per night.

Failure to collect your pet within 7 days after the departure date without prior arrangement and if Hoppy Holidays is unable to contact you or your emergency contact, you give your consent for Hoppy Holidays to take whatever action is appropriate in respect to your pet. By signing these Terms and Conditions you agree to pay all costs incurred during this period and whatever action is deemed necessary to cover these costs.


In the unlikely event of your pet becoming ill while he or she is with us, we shall endeavour to contact you or your nominated emergency contact. If you are unable to contact you or your emergency contact, we shall obtain veterinary treatment for your pet using Holly House Animal Hospital in Moortown  (Leeds 17) and proceed in their best interests.

We do not charge for transportation of your pet to the surgery or for our time but veterinary fees for the consultation and any treatment required will be payable by you on your return.

If your bonded pets are staying with us and one becomes ill, we will need to separate them. We shall alter your fees accordingly to take into account additional accommodation from the date we have to transfer your pet. This will be payable on your return.

It is sad that small animals (very tiny pets in particular) can pass away with little warning and very quickly after showing signs of an illness and we shall take prompt action should a pet show any signs of being unwell. Should your pet pass away in our care, we shall contact you immediately to discuss your wishes. Hoppy Holidays accepts no liability in the unlikely event that this may happen. You will be liable for boarding fees up to the date of your pet passing away and you will be liable for any veterinary fees incurred including cremation.

Hoppy Holidays accepts no responsibility for any pets pregnancy. All pets are housed in separate living accommodation unless they are in a bonded pair or group and at no time will they come into direct contact with other pets they are not normally housed with. This includes during outdoor exercise and indoor play times.

Our guests are treated as well as our own pets. They are closely supervised by us and we have 24 hour CCTV monitoring the whole of the outside of our property. All pets are put away every night and whenever we go out in secure lockable accommodation. No pets are left out overnight or left outside in pens while we go out on errands. Therefore Hoppy Holidays accepts no liability in the unlikely event of a pet being stolen.

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to ask.  

Updated August 2018